We believe data can facilitate Accountability & Transparency

& habituate better online behavior

What is eClarity

eClarity was developed by a LPC-S Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor out of an effort to give subscribers options and choices to have full transparency and accountability. Often, the accountability person is a partner or a spouse which makes it difficult for them to move past the trauma of betrayal as they are having to continue to monitor for it long after the problem has past. This is shaming for the subscriber and the partner/spouse as it says to the addict, your partner/spouse does not trust you every time they check. eClarity abides by all HIPPA privacy and confidentiality rules.

What makes eClarity different?

Traditional therapy for addiction requires those being treated to avoid situations that are increasingly hard to avoid as the internet is more integrated into their daily lives. eClarity allows subscribers to conduct their online activities and remove the stress of having a spouse or friend act as an accountability partner. The eClarity program is built on informed consent and voluntary participation.

How does eClarity work?


Subscribers are oriented to the program and send in their
current or new device(s) to eClarity to be cleaned
and the service installed.

Subscribers sign consent forms confirming they
understand their voluntarily agreement


Subscribers develop a set of behavioral boundaries with a
licensed and credentialed therapist of search terms
and sites that trigger unwanted behavior.

What can I monitor as a therapist?

eClarity has access to monitor the following: Online User profile, phone numbers and text messaging, email, boundary violations including law violations (violations of the law will be reported to authorities by the therapist who will inform their subscriber). Additionally we will monitor for apps, taking and manipulation of photographs, video, and downloads of all media.

What protects me as a therapist and patient?

Therapist and Patient confidentiality apply, and you both determine if or who else the information is shared. All information sharing is authorized through a signed release of information form. Participation is voluntary and persons with problematic on-line behaviors will give informed consent to have eClarity monitor their online behavior. The agreement can be stopped at any time by contacting eClarity.